Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Budak Lelaki India Hilang!!!

Tolong Share jap, mana tau kot ada sesiapa terjumpa.. Kesian tengok depa... jangan tgk warna kulit untuk membantu... Harap dh jumpa budak tersebut...

They are poor people, no capacity sky coverage newspapers or printed posters to find their son. They need only your share. When the rich kid got taken away the whole world knows, when a poor mom lost her kid no ones cares .please share it won't harm. Please help find the missing 5-year-old boy T. Sathiskumar! Anyone with information on Sathiskumar's whereabouts please contact investigating officer Insp Mohamad Ehsan Abu Bakar at 012 249 4002 or the Bukit Mertajam police operations room ( 04-538 2222). PLEASE SHARE THIS PICTURE TO UR WALL AND GROUP AND HELP THEM PLEASE......

Jangan lupa share kepada kawan-kawan lain :)

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